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Occasional Guests I Станислав Вдовин
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Occasional Guests I
Remixing may achieve different goals. It could be the way to earn money or gain attention. It may be an expression of disagreement with the author on some level. Or it can be the way to make a contact with someone you admire. But this compilation treats remixing as a gesture of respect for the artists involved. Occasional Guests I contains 3 remixes by Stanislav Vdovin & his alias Worn Hood for those like-minded artists, whose music, without a doubt, can be called masterful.

Compilation vigorously opens with The Tapeaters remix. Worn Hood's playful keyboard parts wrapped here into airy textures, leaving space for plunks of bass guitar & short noice cuts. Called NY Dub, the track tries to capture the feeling of the ocean nearby, reflecting at the same time the architectural rigor.

When Parks remix comes in, traffic slows. The weather is not favorable for any moves, but the music, weighted with kicks & thick pads, insistently & gracefully leads us inland.

And the destination point is the final remix for Dirty Owl, which brings back memories. Light Rhodes piano echoes the voices of children, weaving yarn from unobtrusive melody. The clock ticking, the sound of old vinyl & parents' voice remind us that we had a childhood once, when time went incomparably slower.
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Опубликовано Станислав Вдовин 13 марта 2016