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Occasional Guests II - Станислав Вдовин Occasional Guests II

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Occasional Guests II Станислав Вдовин
Various Artists
Occasional Guests II
ambient techno
Another counter trend effort to marry different genres under the arches of personal church.

First come Synkronized, the artist from native Nizhny Novgorod, whose frivolously titled track was taken under purity control. Tender melodies are heard in the shallows, circling in salt water with fragile dynamics. Original track can be found on artist's 12''.

Georgiy Stefanov has already appeared on the label as a remixer, now vice versa. Someone may call it «feel remix», when you completely change the mood of the original. Field recordings fetch out playful synthesizer parts, painting the landscape with beams of setting sun.

One more remix for Saint Petersburg artist Igor Bystrov. Viscous pads embrace the listener, dragging him into the abyss, where any life form is hardly possible. Coda, though, pushes us back to the surface, leaving with the feeling of completeness, which, however, does not detract from the desire to play the whole thing again.
Станислав Вдовин обладает полными правами на распространение этого контента в цифровом виде
Опубликовано Станислав Вдовин 28 мая 2016
Теги: techno, synthesizer, soundscape, remixed, melodic, experimental, electronic, ambient